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CRACKCast E010 – Pediatric Resuscitation

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This episode of CRACKCast covers Rosen’s Chapter 010, Pediatric Resuscitation. This episode covers what you NEED TO KNOW cold for the next time you are caring for a sick child. Shownotes – PDF Link 1) Describe the CPR technique for an infant Rosen’s advocates for the “encircling” hands technique in infant CPR, which according to animal models gives better hemodynamics than using the standard two finger technique. Remember the high quality CPR mantra: “push …

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CAEP GeMES | Workplace based assessments in competency based education

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Aurora, a junior resident, is in a meeting with her residency training committee when the topic of competency-based education arises. Her institution will implement competency-based training starting next year and her program director has major reservations. Her program director says, “I can’t see how we can have time to evaluate all of these tasks for learners while we are supposed to simultaneously manage a complex and busy department!” Aurora wonders what these evaluations might look …